Wednesday, March 22, 2017

To Thine Own Self Be True

Absent any psychological trauma that led you there, and assuming you have past the addiction stage, if every fiber of your being obsessively craves booze every single day, I think you'll never beat that.  You'll never make that urge go away completely. You may stop drinking because you decide that it isn't worth the trouble, but proof suggests you won't stop drinking because you no longer crave it.

So, too much alcohol will ruin a life, but if you crave it so badly, what kind of life do you have without it?  Seems like alcoholics ultimately have a choice between two kinds of unhappiness.

Or do they?  Is it better to spend your days as a functioning adult tortured in denial of your strongest craving, or as a homeless drunk who always satisfies the urge?  

I've seen people give it all up for the booze, and pitiful as it may be, I think you could make the case that all they did was follow their instinct.