Saturday, March 31, 2007

Where Were You?

Took some time off from the 'ol blournal there for a bit and I know everyone wants to know what I was doing all that while. I just know it.

Learned how to fly using instrument navigation and passed the simulation checkride. ADF, NDB, VOR, DME, glide slope, localizer, procedure turns, 25 squared... got it covered. Even though I know how to enter a hold on the 140° radial, and can theoretically tune the radios, set the instruments, and navigate my way to and from most any airport, the FAA sees things a little differently. None of it counts toward actual flight training. Still, I'm glad I know it all now. I've spent enough time in small airplanes without knowing just what the hell's goin' on.

I edited the definition of the infield-fly rule in the online encyclopedia that sucks so bad. I really thought it'd be deleted within a few hours by some dork who thought he knew better, but it still stands. For all the detail they had in the definition, they left out some pretty basic shit. Seriously, the whole point of it is that people were getting all these snarky double-plays, so they made the rule. Don't know about the rest of that site, but that infield-fly section? You can thake that to the bank, motherfucker.

Solved the Rubik's cube. Kind of fun... the first couple of times.

...although it sure looks like I peeled off all the stickers here and put them back on. Solving the Rubik's cube isn't that hard. There are only eight steps. Gets boring pretty quick, actually. But I suppose it's a fun thing to know. I learned it so I could show my kid and then she could show everyone at school. She solves it faster than I do now - by a lot. Damn kids.

Scored an awesome new digital camera, so the blournal photos should start to kick ass (obviously, this hasn't taken effect just yet. Stay tuned...)

Started playing guitar again. I haven't played this much in quite a few years, and I'm really enjoying it. Learned a few Brian Setzer guitar solos / Stray Cats songs, and I've really been working at them. This is more fun than any of that other junk, and it's really renewed my interest in just playing guitar for my own entertainment. After listening to yourself for your whole life, it's quite easy to become less entertained by your own playing.

This ain't a "flournal" (fake blournal designed to shill stuff you don't need) but I really recommend this DVD, if you're looking for something. Regardless of how much better these guys play now than they did 25 years ago, and not regarding the fact that this album really captures the live band experience, and without concern for the fact that these three guys are seriously cookin' through the entire set, the whole concept of stray cat fits nicely with the theme I currently have going here on the blournal. Get hip.

Okay. You're up to speed. What's going on with you? Oh, right. Guess you all have your own blournals for that.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Hi, Kitty!

And you thought kitty was dead, didn't you? You were so scared, you put up a huge sign facing pretty much my house, because that's where kitty spent all her time anyway, right?

No. Kitty was just taking a couple months off. Now she is back "home", or from the pet cemetery, or this is Snowball II, or whatever. At least we have back the kitty that our new neighbors thought we needed to have when they moved in. It was wrong of us to ever try to shoo it away. Kitty is for us to share.

Hey, any kids on the way?