Saturday, January 06, 2007

Yeah, I Can See Your Sign

Well, there's an interesting turn of events.


Nato said...

'I shoo it when I see it, and I'll probably end up shooing it into the road at some point, where it'll get flattened.'

(Gasp!) You didn't...did you?

owner said...

What, like there's an answer I can give that makes it NOT my fault here?

GinaB said...

What's next - LOST BABY? I'm putting up a LOST WAR sign on our lawn.

owner said...

"Lost Baby" was way back in this post.

I learned my lesson.

That sign didn't last very long, though. Seriously strong gusts had turned it into just "AT" by evening, but I suppose they figured it was a paroxysm of guilty rage.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed our little Neighborhood Community Theatre production of The Tell-Tale Heart. Next month we're doing Grease, and I'm gonna play Kenickie.