Monday, January 15, 2007

Somebody Check California

After I graduated from high school, I found I really didn't have a reason to go there anymore. I graduated in 19gak_ahem*cough*, and that was pretty much it for me and that school. Frankly, I don't think they even want you around after that, which is weird because for about four years there, they want to know where you are every second. Or, at least now when they ask "What are you doing here?" it has a whole different kind of vibe to it, which ain't so good, frankly. It's a new kind of trouble.

Any-who's, I was there to see a basketball game, but I was early so I thought I'd take a little side-trip down memory lane. Turned out to be a pretty narrow lane.

Hey, that looks familiar. That was the courtyard that I recall we were never allowed to visit. I think it was just something to stare at while you didn't read in the library. Also, seems like someone took the library and moved it somewhere, sometime in the past *uhgh-COUGH* years. I don't know. Maybe it's all on computers now. Internet facts or whatever. Hey all you Googlers out there! Remember, it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor in 1939! That was just the start of the Korean conflict. Cut and paste, kids!

I moved down the hall and found this...

Oh yeah, those benches. I remember running by those a lot, what with them being placed so close the the entrance/exit and all. And that office. Don't remember much good awaiting me in there. Am I thinking of the wrong school, or was there a certain guidance counselor in there whose name was actually Dick Happy? I know I'm not making that up, but I may have the wrong school. Either way, I know that in today's world there is no way a man with that name would be hired for work in a school setting. OK.

I wound my way back toward the gym because it was almost game time (OK - actually because all the other doors I tried were locked) and as I passed the cafeteria I was greeted by an elderly "security" guard with only one tooth (well, one that I could see) who met me with an authoritative "Can I hep ya?"

"Just headin' to the basketball game."
"How'd you git in?"
"Through the door."
"What door?"
"The one by the auditorium."
"That's supposed to be locked. How'dya git it open?"
"Just pushed it. Opened right up."
"Which one?"

Which one? Like, seriously?

And this conversation was put out of its misery as someone else came through the door just as we approached it. Anyway, I get the feeling they maybe don't want you poking around the halls like that or something. Bet they probably don't want you to take pictures, either.

Yeah, so there's a game back there next week, too. If anyone has a particular photo they'd like to see, just let me know. I'm pretty sure I could take that security guy in a brawl.

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Nato said...

Next time you revisit, try wearing your old cap and gown. I'll bet they recognize you right away, and they'll let you use any old door you want.