Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Conservative Hip

I got my annual call to do music for an ad. If you're keeping score, I'm pretty much on par with my "one per year" ratio (this could be a lonnnnng year.)

I turned this one around really fast, and I think it's the most "jingle-y" sounding thing I've ever done. It's for a bank, and they requested "some kind of piano pop."

Ended up hitting a very '80s Yacht-Rock, honky-white-ass vibe, but nevertheless I might actually be proud of it. Repulsive as it may be, I think I really tee'd off on this one.

I may not choose to sit around and listen to this kind of music, but I think it's as hip as I want my bank to be. Now we just wait for a mediocre singer to totally ruin it.


RONW said...

unfortunately, I don't have sound. Off today, on another day, kind of thing.

owner said...

I like that kind of old school approach. While people keep trying to turn the Internet and computers into TV, you're all about the electronically printed word. Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

I feel like an old fart now