Monday, April 27, 2009

The Asphalt Jungle

Just say "no" to spending another $3500.


RONW said...

it's not impossible to re-roof on your own. Abeit, getting the tar paper and asphalt shingles to the top of the roof, without a crane or forklift, involves most of the work.

owner said...

Yeah, it wouldn't take much to do the garage I guess. That $3500 was for house and garage, and came with free labor. Think I'll have it all done at once, though.

I hear shingle prices will be going "through the roof" because asphalt will be at a premium as the US GOV implements the new plan to repave America. I got that to look forward to.

RONW said...

unfortunately, it's a necessity otherwise, your rafters and the sheathing on your roof start to deteriorate.