Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Spot a Tourist in My Town

Stick them in front of this light and see what happens.


RONW said...

those arrows aren't sufficient warning. IMHO.

owner said...

Come on. Simple. Green means "go", yes? Red means "stop".

This light simply says "Go/stop".

You crazy out-of-towners.

RONW said...

I see the red light, now. I'm use to seeing the red stacked above the other lights.

RONW said...


owner said...

Also adding to the confusion may be the fact that the red light at top is ALWAYS on. The green arrows just sometimes turn on, too.

So, you very well may approach this intersection as just a routine red light, but if you sit there waiting for the red light to go out, you'll never leave.

You're on your own with trees, though.