Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Suicide shift


RONW said...

never used those, never wanted to. Huge investment in that bike. Probably only the engine is stock. He went with dual headlights in a single shell. I noticed that because I just installed dual headlights, two 5-3/4 separate units.

blournalist said...

I think that shift would be fun to try. Probably not so fun to live with. Also looks like a lever clutch on the shift handle as opposed to the foot-operated clutch. My preference would be for the foot. What if you need to quickly grab the handle bar while you're in the middle of a shift?

Anyway, never seen that bike around here before.

RONW said...

I think the suicide shift has more to do with the people the owner rides with and he has to keep up with the dress code. Anyways you can always upshift without using the wet cluth and use the brakes without down shifting for engine braking. It falls into the same category as extra high ape bars .... but have you ever seen somebody trying to reverse a bike with high ape bars? You almost need two people but image or style is more important.