Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If You See Something - Don't Say Anything

The guy in the car next to me texting with his phone in his lap.  The girl who runs the stop sign and then parks in the fire lane.  The able-bodied girl who parks in the handicap space and goes inside for 15 minutes.

If I said something every time I saw people doing these things, I'd be doing it all day.  And worse, I'd have to hear their perverse explanations. That's a pretty lousy time.  If I don't say anything - still a lousy time.  It's just watching people lower the bar every damned day, and that knocks the wind out of you a little bit.

Most old folk don't want to give up their licenses, but I welcome the day that they tell me I'm too old to drive.


RONW said...

seems people like to use the tiny keyboard on their Iphones much more than they like the full size keyboard. I think it's a serious addiction. Should have something like Texting A.A. They certainly in a trance. Haven't been a the blog but anyways I just bought a Kermit Chair that fits in my saddlebags, 22-inches long when folded.

blournalist said...

That's a sweet-lookin' chair. They sure don't come cheap, though. And hello again.

RONW said...

so far so good in the convenience department. Just 4 wood crossbraces to attach & lock and it's a quick seat. Same reverse order when picking up to leave. Yea, expensive but the only other durable foldable chair I've found was an aluminum Pico but that won't fit in the saddlebags even when folded up and for the same price. On the chair I have, the wood is dipped into a polyurethane bath instead of brushed on or sprayed on.