Friday, September 11, 2015

I Don't Know

So much talk lately about transexuals.  I gotta tell ya - I don't know what's going on with them.  It's not so cut and dried.  There are so many facets to that issue that I think it's dismissive to just say, "Oh, how brave!" and move on because there are undoubtedly some cases where you are applauding mental illness.

To think of changing sexes as the empirical solution is missing the bigger problem.

Is the person in this picture being brave, delusional, or a unique combination of both?

Here's what makes me think most people agree, whether or not they realize it.  People don't seem to have much problem criticizing celebrities who get a lot of plastic surgery.  When a person has altered their look so much that they are hardly recognizable as their old selves, it makes pop news headlines about how freakish they look, or how they ruined their face.  And that's usually capped off with, "How can they think that looks good?" implying that there must be some kind of delusion going on.

A guy that puts on lipstick and a dress and thinks he looks like a woman probably has some of that same sort of delusion, but instead we say he is brave.

Seems a little unfair.  Both of these types of people are struggling with the idea that they are living in the wrong body.

We should apply the same standard, whatever it is.

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