Friday, July 21, 2017

How to Fix Electric Cars

It's not the range - IT'S THE CHARGE TIME.

It wouldn't be such a big deal that an electric car can only go 80mi on a charge if it only took 3 minutes to recharge.

Conversely, I'm still not that impressed with an electric car that can go 200+ miles on a charge if it still takes 4 hours to charge it back up.  That's a long time.  Here's hoping you only run out of charge at night near your own garage.  4 hours is a lotta time to hang around the Circle K.


RONW said...

yea that would be a problem. Tesla opened a showroom right at the front entrance of the new International Market Place in Waikiki, I mean there's only 2 shops at the front entrance, one on the right and one on the left. The second store is Rolex. Tesla also increased production for next year I heard so maybe they have a different battery setup for recharging or whatever.

blournalist said...

Tesla does have a network of Supercharging stations which are the fastest option by far. 80% charge in... 30min.
That's only about 10x as long as a gas fill up.

blournalist said...

The main thing, for me, is that these electric cars are 10x as much fun to drive. I don't own one, but I've taken a few for a ride and they are quite zippy. Really point-and-shoot. What they do for the environment is, I'd say, pretty debatable, but man are they fun. And quiet, too. They just seem to require some serious planning in the fuel department. Is someone going to bring you some electricity if you run out on the highway?