Thursday, December 04, 2008

By Special Request

Like most people, I don't normally take requests, but the last post really could've used a photo. This one isn't nearly as good as the photo in this post, but this time, I went for safety. Anyway, here I am. Speeding a little bit, but that tends to happen on this damn thing.

Technical notes: I slung my camera around my neck and twisted the strap to shorten the length. Flipping through the menus (which I actually did first) I found an "interval" mode on my camera, which I had never used. I set it to take one shot every three seconds, and off I went. Hands-free shooting.

What did we learn?
The camera needs to be higher. I think the shot works best at eye-level. A slower shutter speed would've been good. It would blur the background and give a sense of motion. As it is now, you have to read the speedo to really even know whether or not this was a moving shot. The same mistake was made here, where the shutter again was set too fast.

Not only is the background not blurred - you can even see the spokes. As far as conveying a sense of motion, this one gets an F. I got a bit of the 3D effect I was looking for with this shot, but slower shutter speed still would've been the right way to go.

Beyond all this, a wider lens would've been nice for today's shot, but I used the widest one I have.

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RONW said...

nice dashboard. Must be fast camera because the spokes don't seem to be moving, indeed.