Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The So-Called "Northeast"

Guess I was a little wrong about yesterday's post. We're actually spanning 51°F in three days. From Monday's low of 1°F to this morning's high (fig. 1) of 52°F, I challenge you to find another so-called inhabitable place on Earth that has these kinds of mood swings during so-called daylight hours.

fig. 1: Wednesday AM temp of 52°F

Did you think of another place?

Okay. Great. Oh, and here's the view out my window by noon.

fig. 2: 31° and snow

There's an hysterical figure of speech in these parts that says if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. So funny the first time you hear it. Sooo funny. I prefer the less popular and non-CoC-approved "If you don't like the weather, you should probably move."

So when you visit on that picture-perfect day in June, get the proverbial sand in your toes, and decide that you will relocate to a better life (by the way, highest taxes per capita in the country. Yeah, that's right - suck it, Hawaii!) remember that Winter starts anywhere from October to December, Spring doesn't begin its slow start until May, and days tend to be somewhat cruel inbetween. Oh, and sometimes summer doesn't happen. Oh, and say goodbye to your kids when they graduate.

Find yourself a good indoor hobby and this all gets much easier to take.

fig 3. The hobby of photography often works as suitable therapy for cranky bastards.


RONW said...

been looking at your window-with-a-view photo for 2 days now, and it's cold outside, isn't it?

owner said...

Looking at the picture... you mean in like a horrible fascination kind of way?

We're back to single-digit temps at the moment, so yes, its what even the most hardy call "Cold!"