Saturday, August 15, 2015

Check Engine

It's getting to be about time for some new wheels.  My current ride was built in 1999. Still runs okay but the clock is running out. Unfortunately, I can't find anything that interests me at all.  If I had to get a car tomorrow I really don't know what I'd do.

This truck from 1987 currently appeals to me most.  It's not just the retro appeal of it; it's also the fact that it will never need a new ABS modulator, spark knock sensor, EGR valve, mass airflow sensor, or whatever other government-mandated point of failure auto makers have spent the past 28 years dreaming up in the interest of squeezing about 8% more fuel economy out of the engine.

And when the day comes that you need to replace any of the 4,000 sensors stuck in and around your modern vehicle, the cost of the repair will completely negate any fuel savings you may have accumulated.


RONW said...

Looks like it's in good condition for the years. Dunno about the high suspension though.

blournalist said...

It's a complete restore. Very clean. Funny, three other people I've shown it to - exact words - said the suspension was raised "just enough", but lack of fancy electronic doodads aside, I think the lift has proven to be the deal-breaker here.