Thursday, August 13, 2015

Getting It All Wrong

I know it is wrong to attempt to climb a tree with a running chainsaw in your hand, but you can do it if you plan it out and have spent a decent amount of time in trees throughout your life.  But man, that sure hurt when my foot stayed in the tree while the rest of me tried to go to the ground.  I got all upside down and junk.  The toe of one foot got caught on something and wouldn't release when I went to step down.  Things stretched well beyond their normal operating range.

The saw wasn't an issue though.


RONW said...

that is an ugly m'fer. You should seriously think about cutting down the tree if all the apples are like that.

blournalist said...

You said it. Definitely thinking on that one...

Yesterday I learned that a full 50% of the USA's apples come from the state of Washington.