Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Too Many Bands

Looking for a job is a great way to get the feeling you've been kicked in the nuts without actually having to be kicked in the nuts.  I hear it's the rejection that sucks most, and as soon as I get a response from someone, I'll be sure to tell you if that's true.  Right now it's the being-completely-ignored aspect of it that seems to be doing the most sucking.

I'm playing in a duo with a guy who once played in a band that opened for The Clash in 1982.  Do you know what that credential is worth today?  If your answer was to stare blankly at your screen and then click over to check your twitter feed, you are correct.


RONW said...

I only play spoons, so my input on the subject is limited.

blournalist said...

There's like 100 working spoon players in this town. Probably not as good as you.