Saturday, September 17, 2016

Woof! {burp} Welcome To My Town!

This photo basically explains everything about my city.  It's chock-full of dog-loving, bearded young hipsters who are positively mad for craft beer.  It's not like these kids just sit down somewhere and order a beer, either.  They get four kinds of beer.  I know it looks like drinking, but they're crafting.  Good for you, kids!  You found a way to put a creative spin on good old fashioned getting hammered.  Neat-o!

And pet-lovers in my city are doing their level best to make dogs full citizens with full rights.  You see them more and more in shops and, sadly, grocery stores and restaurants as well.  The place pictured above had to put a notice up explaining how they could no longer have dogs inside since they have started serving food.

This outdoor seating area does serve food.  The couple here left their dog's frisbee on the table.  Oh - this town is also full of older, dog-loving hippies.

Do I hate dogs?  Nope.  I just think we should be able to go places without them.  Few around here would agree with me though and would probably just as soon see them get their drivers license.  Who else is gonna drive their owners home after drinking all that microbrew?

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