Friday, January 18, 2008

Dirt or Senility?

I get the same lecture no matter what I do. Since my very first car, my dad has lectured me about what a mess it is inside. Well sure. A teenager treats his car like a locker. I happened to have a rather huge locker in my metallic blue 1970 Chevy 350 Chevelle Wagon. My very next car was a sub-compact, and you could say I had a little trouble making the adjustment to the smaller size. On top of that, I wired in a couple of large home stereo speakers and threw them on the back seat, so that took up a lot of room. This all predates the subwoofer revolution, but I think it at least goes to prove that teenage dependence on maximum low-end is very real.

Yeah, so Dad would lecture me every time he saw the inside of my car, and he was right - back then. Eventually, I stopped eating in my car. Eventually, I stopped carrying my entire cassette collection with me in the car. Eventually, mp3 players came along and replaced all other media in my car. Eventually, my car stopped being my locker. Unfortunately, I made a lasting impression on him. Last month, when he was in my car, he had barely got his second foot in before he started with, "I never used to keep my cars this way" and, "I don't know who raised you like that", which are two things I have heard since the dawn of humanity. I mean at a certain point you gotta move past the "raised you like that" lecture, don't you? You know - as a senior citizen or something? Don't you hit an age where it doesn't fit anymore, or is this the eternal price you pay for being the runt of the litter? Did I just say "litter"?
Here's what Dad saw when he opened the door.

Well, it could use a vacuum, I guess. But dammit all, us barn-folk just don't have a lot of experience with them crazy newfangled things.

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