Monday, January 07, 2008

How Heatlh Insurance Hurts Healthcare Professionals

It's easy. Health insurance in this family runs well over $1000/month - and that's the going rate. That's not a "high-risk" or "pre-existing condition" rate or any of that. That's just what it costs. It's more than our mortgage.

On top of this, doctor visits cost us another $25 per visit. If you get into a situation where the doctor recommends a specialist, and that specialist wants to see you once a week (as in the case of a physical therapist, for example) then you're adding another $100/mo. to an already ludicrous insurance bill.

And just like that, your insane health insurance bill has dissuaded you from seeking care.

Dear MVP,

If you weren't already taking so much of my money, there might be some left for the doctor.

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