Saturday, August 23, 2008

How We Rollin' In My 'Hood

With our FO-tees.

Around my neighborhood, we've got, y'know, like, flowers and junk.

...and trees that happily grow those colorful little berries that look every bit as tempting as they are lethal.

We've got houses from back in the day, yo, when people had yards 'n shit. Know what I'm talkin' 'bout? Today, this plot of land would house no less than 250 people who all complain about how bad the traffic sucks in the morning.

To help balance all this out, we've also got this guy...

Alright, so the place is vacant, but it sits right next door to Mr. Yardly there. This house (well, plot of land) is for sale, but the lot is no wider than what you see here. In today's age, it's nearly unbuildable. And considering how lots today are purchased by developers who want to build condominiums, well, getting your "we need 85 units for it to even be profitable" on there is going to require some pretty advanced geometry. Evidence proves that developers aren't anywhere near smart enough for that, but you can bet your ass they will find a way around.

My guess? Yardly Smith there, with enough room for everyone, gets a good slice bought out, and *poof*, now the lot is plenty big enough to be profitable! Yay!

Because we need more people.

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