Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You vs. A Toddler

Obvious Advice Falls On Deaf Ears

Should you find yourself at odds with a five-year-old, and said five-year-old has grandparents present, then you have lost that battle, my friend. The five-year-old will receive the benefit of the doubt, be credited for having more brains than you, and will generally succeed in making you look like an ass who should be incarcerated for hate crimes against kids.

Worse is that after this little Lionel train wreck, when you've come back from your self-imposed ten minute cool down, you'll find that said grandparents have pretty much taken it all in stride, meaning this is precisely the kind of behavior they've come to expect from you; meaning that all they had to do was lower their standards yet another notch.

...even if he did haul off and whack you with the video game controller.

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