Monday, October 27, 2008

Big, Salty Breakfast

It might be what Americans do best.

I eat oatmeal for breakfast. For the past six years, almost every day, oatmeal. A large bowl of oatmeal. Unsweetened oatmeal. A ton of freakin' oatmeal. I heard it lowers cholesterol and has a lot of fiber, so I'm all over it - just like that. Livin' la vida colon (hey, shut up, that is too still a reference.)

But once in a very rare now and then (maybe when I have company or the vibe otherwise calls for it), it all goes to hell in fairly grand style.

... quite possibly undoing six straight years of oatmeal consumption.


1 comment:

RONW said...

we're heading over to your place right away. Opps, that wasn't an invite.