Thursday, October 09, 2008

Foliage Makes Me Angry

Fall's the best time for cuttin'.

So my neighbors' all, "I'm be cuttin' down some trees 'n shit."

And then my neighbor next to him (who used to be the Chief of Police) is all like, "Hell's yeah I'm be cuttin' too. Shiz-nat, Holmes." So out comes the bucket hacker and down they go.

I don't mean to sound like some kind of tree-lovin' hippie, but is this really any better?

Not from my view. Thanks, pal. That's some sweet roof you got there.

It's a trend in my neighborhood lately. Front yard trees are apparently just tall, leafy pests that mock you. Take them down, show them who's boss, and show the world more of your beautiful, beautiful home.

Anything seem conspicuously absent from this picture?

...besides shutters or any kind of trim whatsoever?

How about this dynamic little saltbox?

You can see the round patch where they had a tree that hid their beautiful little home from my view quite nicely. It got hacked last year. Dude, your house sucks. Cover that shit up.

I think we may not be getting the greenhouse/global warming/trees-help-clean-the-air message up in my end of town. Nope. We're more the fire-trucks-are-awesome-to-have-in-the-yard type.


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