Monday, October 13, 2008

I Have a Pony

Alright - two ponies.

My neighbors down the street wanted a pet but didn't want a dog or cat, so they got a lawn ornament miniature horsey. They had such good luck with tying it to a tree in the front yard that they decided it'd be best to double-up on them, and now they have two horsies tied to a tree in the front yard. It's obvious to me that people in this neighborhood have no fucking idea what to do with a tree. I always thought you just, y'know, did nothing with them, but maybe they're more complicated than that.

Maybe I'm the retarded dumb ass who wastes money I probably don't have being stupid.

And call it a double standard if you want, but I don't fault the old lady who decorates her part of the sidewalk with all those little miniature figurines.

...because she's senile.

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