Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This won't take long. I promise.

This post continues to grow in its own sightly creepy sort of way. Two more shots in one 15 mile trip. Creepy. Creepy and weird.

An addendum to yesterday's post:

Because there was another one of those health-damning social vibes happening at the time, I ended up ordering myself a turkey bacon sangwich at a deli on Sunday. Not a real big fan of deli turkey at all, but a little touch of glorious bacon would undoubtedly add just the right zip, right?

If you've never been truly speechless - I mean stunned speechless, then you've never watched a man toss three rashers of bacon in a deep fryer. Yes, that's bacon that's already been cooked. His was just a fun/healthy way of reheating it.

In further news, I am now dead.


RONW said...

it's alright if we take your work boots off your feet, then?

owner said...

No problem. They're right here.

Probably want to bronze them, huh?

RONW said...

Btw, I read that post of yours. I dooved in with work boots in 6-inches of concrete frequently, the trick is to hose off the boots before the concrete sets. Or let the concrete fully dry, and chip it off. The only flaw with this method is that the laces break off the next week at the eyelets because of concrete grit.