Thursday, December 20, 2007

How To Holiday Shop

First, clean your windshield. That could be a real hazard.

And, I know this is the very last place on Earth you want to go, but late-season desperation can often lead to



And there she is. It's old-lady-with-empty-cart-moving-real-slow. Yeah, and you can't get past her, either. No you can't. Yes, it does look like you'd be home free if you could just get in front of her, but if you believe that can actually happen, you really need to firm up your understanding of "intelligent design". Still not a believer? Her moves in the parking lot will change your life.

Alas, my trip to this most unfortunate place would bear no #10 can of fruit. The whole day was unsuccessful to the point that I couldn't even find a bag of kindling wood at the damn lumber store, which was pretty low on my list of things to do.

On my way home, I did manage to take this cheery little snap.

Oh... sorry. Here it is in color.

Thank you, recycle bin. You sure know how to brighten up the season.

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