Sunday, March 09, 2008

Passwords I Have Known

Over the years, various people have either entrusted me, or just not bothered to hide their passwords from me. Was this a mistake? Until now, no. Here is a list of passwords I have gathered, and a brief description of their owners.

jung: Back in the day when you could get away with just four characters. This person was involved in media communications, but majored in psychology. I was told the password with the assumption that it would be meaningless to a peon such as myself, and I could swear I sensed a pang of anxiety shoot through her when I said, "Oh yeah - that whole synchronicity thing." Her loss that she wasn't a big Police fan.

factus: IBM geek. Something he decided was cool in college. A big fan of M.C. Escher (who, for you kids out there, is not a rap performer) but I'm going to guess an even bigger fan of New Order.

123456: Seriously? The dumbest password you could (not bother to) think of? Oh, wait - I guess it does make sense. A good fit.

maine: Staples computer department. Reformat the drive of your choice.

lily: An elderly man who works on high-speed military weapons.

fleeber: Auto mechanic who happened to be a big fan of the movie "The Freshman".

muffins: A five-year-old girl.

007: Disable the music store's security system.

I know it takes some of the fun out of it when I say that none of the passwords apply anymore, so I won't say that.