Monday, March 31, 2008

Relax, It's All Part of The Process

Part II

I had this whole idea that I'd make a few posts about creating some music for radio. A lame attempt at serializing the blournal? Uh... doubt it. Anyway, I brought the camera along to try to capture the vibe of capturing a vibe.

The demo I made was met with approval. That's always nice. So then it's on to recording this thing for realz.

I had instructions, but I also had ideas. These two forces are at odds in almost every endeavor, but when music meets advertising, a more explosive mix you will not likely find. Today could be the story of me getting it all wrong.

Employing some of the finest technology from 1964, out comes the Magnatone 421 amplifier, packing 3 Watts of tube-driven power - not enough to make any self-respecting night light glow. The new guitar will also hopefully be making its radio debut. Dozens, possibly even scores, of indifferent listeners will get to hear the happiness which this instrument brings... unless the client decides otherwise. I mentioned that, right?

An elephant, as well as a microphone is placed within specific proximity of the amplifier.

Moving forward, technology from 1985 is employed.

(please note: This utterly reprehensible piece of gear was used strictly for its keys and was not utilized for its so-called sound-producing capabilities. Unless your music begins with the phrase "You know our love was meant to be..." this instrument should be thrown away or incinerated. If your music does begin with the phrase "You know our love was meant to be..." you should consider joining said instrument.)

All of this stuff is then plugged into a bunch of other stuff and a dude focuses on buttons while you focus on notes.

Adjustments are made. Mixing happens. Transitions are polished. Sounds are formed. Evaluative listening occurs. Retakes are mounted. Gestalt is considered. Ideas versus instructions are weighed. Was the idea executed with the right overall tone? Is there even the slightest trace of inspiration and creativity?

Did the hard drive take a shit and literally eliminate your entire day's work right as you went to mix it all down?

Yes? OK. You're done.

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