Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Easter is about the same as ever around here. It starts by me not going to church. I don't go any other time of the year and I think it would be pretty disingenuous of me to go on "the big day."

So, should I not partake?

Looks like a pretty nice spread. Not a big fan of that ham which somehow seems more like Jell-O. It's got a strange and unappetizing jiggle to it, but the important thing is that it saves money.


Kids relegated to KP.

Where Peeps really come from.

Folks enjoying whatever it is that young man is doing with his pants.


...and the serenity of another Easter Sunday. Relaxing conversation. An afternoon with a pleasantly slow pace. Various confections pepper the homescape, ready to satisfy cravings in any particular direction.

Oh, and my insane fucking neighbor out there running his leaf blower in the snow.

What?! Do you see anything there? I mean, okay, it's 30°F out, yes, but that doesn't need to stop you. The bare tree branch in the foreground might serve as some sort of clue, though. Did you miss that? Oh. How 'bout the snowbanks at left and right? They could be an indication that leaves aren't really a factor around here right now. A clue, maybe, that you're wasting gas and just making noise with that fucking thing.


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