Friday, October 20, 2006

Blowin' Straight Into The Wind

Have a look there. A windy day today for sure, and I came home to the familiar sound of a leaf blower. Since I've lived in this neighborhood for more than nine minutes, I knew just who it was.

Here's my neighbor, attempting to rake her yard in 30MPH gusts. The folks who live in this house really enjoy lawn maintenance. If the sound of a lawn tractor running three times a week doesn't annoy, then the daily use of the leaf blower should take care of you. In fact, "Mr. Yard" often enjoys doing a little leaf blower tidy-up in the AM, before he leaves for work, meaning he's often out there with that thing at 7:30AM. It can also be a great deal of fun in the evening, after work. In the summer, the leaf blower runs almost constantly at that house. On any other day I'd think, "No big deal. They just really care about their lawn and want it to look as nice as is humanly possible every single second", but today I am starting to think that this may just go a little deeper, somehow.

And I'm pretty sure they're swingers.

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