Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Johnston MX450 Street Sweeper

Good news! The street sweeper came by real early this morning for a surprise visit. Yeah, it is kind of loud, but it also moves quite slowly, which wakes you gently. I even had time to go outside, move my car, and snap a picture.

I got all excited by the thought of what our street was going to look like all cleaned up. I totally couldn't get back to sleep. I took the trash out. I walked down just a few houses and took the neighbor's trash out for them. I passed the sweeper on my way there, and on my way back. It really does move pretty slow, but I have to assume that's because it's taking its time to do a really good job. It isn't just to piss everybody off and wake them up for nothing.

Not at all. The Johnston MX450, though very loud and slow-moving, sure helps keep our streets looking beautiful. That massive streak of dirt is very uniform. Excellent work, fellas. Wonder if we got ours on the ebay, too.

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