Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fresh and Lazy

Has anyone noticed that heating frozen foods is actually a total pain in the ass? They take forever in the oven, and microwaves, well, if people didn't all love hot dogs so damn much, I don't think the microwave oven would ever have been invented. A fully-heated frank in six seconds is plenty impressive, but what really amazes me is the way that microwave ovens can find a way to scald you with a food that's still virtually uncooked.

So the real cop-out is the dinner pictured above, where you grab any two bags of pre-sliced wedgables, throw them in anything resembling a wok, and dump some sauce on it all. Maybe boil some kind of noodle to go with it. Fear not the tofu. Go for broke and throw in a handful of peanuts or cashews. Give it five or six minutes on the heat and Bruce Lee's your uncle. Follow it up with a Twinkie or Hostess Cupcake if it puts you right.

Once every week. That's how we roll here at my house.

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