Monday, October 16, 2006

Pandy Fackler

Have you heard any Ween? Two guys; Gene and Dean Ween. They write a lot of very, very, very odd songs, but they also have a select few seriously mainstream songs. Like, "Hey, isn't that George Harrison?" type songs.

"Pandy Fackler" is their Steely Dan rip-off. I really like saying "Pandy Fackler", as, I'm sure, do you. Regarless, this song really is a pretty convincing imitation, and I got to wondering how the same guys who wrote "Touch My Tooter" could cop the smooth, jazz-rock style of The Dan so convincingly. They write all these experimental songs, and now I'm going to find out they're all studied and junk? Don't know if that ruins it for me, or if that makes it better.

So, wondering if these guys were really all about the Jazz, I found an interview in which Deaner sheds some light on that very question.
"I started taking jazz guitar lessons to learn how to play standards. I got bored with it really quickly, but that song is kinda what I got out of it. The lyrics are so offensive I don’t even want to tell you what it’s really about..."

Best explanation I could hope for. Guess it really is Ween after all. Come on; say "Pandy Fackler" just once. You know you want to.

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