Friday, October 27, 2006

Does This Make The World Series Any Better?

Cardinals / Tigers? Pretty hard to get worked into a lather about that one. It’s also really hard to root for a guy nicknamed “Pudge”. Rhymes too closely with fudge, as far as I'm concerned. More nicknames that suck? How 'bout "Chipper" Jones? What about calling another dude "The Big Unit"?

Hey, let's move on!

The last five World Series titles have been won by teams from five different divisions:

White Sox: AL Central
Red Sox: AL East
Marlins: NL East
Angels: AL West
Diamondbacks: NL West

So if St. Louis wins, that means all six divis- oh screw it, who cares?

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owner said...

Well I guess it happened after all. Six consecutive titles from six different divisions. They ought to have a name for something like that.