Thursday, October 19, 2006

How To Make Money on The World Series

This is easier to pull during regular season play, since you don't have such a tight time frame. But if you're a little creative, you could probably make this work for the World Series if you use electronic mail and funds transfer. For this example, we'll assume it's Mets vs. Detroit, and we'll assume it goes to seven games.

Get the names and addresses of 100 people.
Send 50 of them a note reading, "The Mets will win Game 1."
Send the other 50 a note reading "Detroit will win Game 1."
Pay attention to who wins the game.
Those 50 people for whom you picked the wrong team? Forget them. You're now down to a pool of 50.
Take the 50 people who think you are right and split them into two groups.
Send 25 a note picking the Mets and the other 25 a note picking Detroit.
Wait to see who wins and, once again, forget the 25 that see you have made a bad pick.
Divide the remaining 25 and do it all again.
Repeat this as above and eventually you'll whittle it down to one guy who thinks you are six-for-six.
Send him a note that says, "For my next pick, send me $250."
Collect your money and pick a team.

Make sure to use a P.O. Box., and hope you've reached (or created) a bettor on the last guy in line. Colored envelopes are fun.

Good luck.

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