Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How Not To Hold a Microphone

No, MC P-whip here is not about to bust out some freestyle for the ladies-ladies-ladies at the Rachael Ray show. He's just asking a question. But, I can only assume that he's thinking about all the rap performers whom he no doubt idolizes, and has decided that The Stranglehold is the way to hold a mic. Even though it does look like he's layin' some stoopid phat beat-box groove on the hizz-ay, D.J. Barrelchest is just front'n.

Now ask me how I happened to be on this channel in the first place.


Nato said...

Nu, so how come you were on that channel in the first place?

owner said...

Shouldn't you be asking how I managed to get a screen-grab of it?