Saturday, March 01, 2008

This Doesn't Mean Anything

I guess I should mention that I recently got me one of these...

Yes, for the past two-plus months, it's been a Rockabilly explosion around here. When it comes to guitar, I've had little interest in any other style of music. In fact, in my head, I have my own three-piece Rockabilly band, and we have a weekly gig at a pizza joint. We also have a kickass name which is far too awesome for me to just haphazardly be plastering up on the Internet where any jackass can just cut, paste, and steal. That's how awesome it is.

In reality, I can almost play a set's worth of music and I've made one phone call. Oh, and some of the music in the almost-set isn't exactly Rockabilly. But the name really is awesome. No, you can't know it.

Yeah, okay. What's the point is that this new geetar turns out to be the catalyst that has brought a full-on paradigm shift around here. All new songs in a whole new and unfamiliar (to me) style. So after a couple months of sounding like the fourth, sucky member of the Stray Cats, on Monday, I finally broke the mold and quite randomly picked out a tune that just came out of nowhere. I couldn't even tell you the name of the song. I hardly ever play it because I'm not so sure how much I like it. It was just something I heard once a long time ago, it was easy, and it stuck in my head. Thoroughly random.

Turns out the song was "Them Changes" by Buddy Miles, who died the next day.

Well that was weird. At least he didn't roll over in his grave.


Anonymous said...

Unique non-blog you have here; an interesting read.

Nato said...

Nice axe!

By total coincidence, I came across a video of what your living room looked like as you started up that awesome riff. (Buddy Miles RIP).