Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Doggie

Been pretty light on pictures around here lately, so here's one, and the story that goes with it.

My brother lives in the past. It seems the greatest time in his life was when he was a kid (trust me - it totally wasn't) and he is constantly making efforts to get the family to come together like we're all five again. Sorry, bro. Maybe you've turned it into a comfortable 'ol golden warm memory, but my Evel Knievel feety pajamas just don't fit anymore.

He asked me to e-mail a picture to his new portable toy so he could see how it worked. I obliged and went to bed. Next time I checked the mail, he asked me where I got that picture of our dog. Seem like a fair question? Allow me to attempt to dismantle it. You can decide for yourself.

We had a dog 25 years ago. None of us, collectively, in my family have had a dog since.

Why would I have a picture of the dog, from 25 years ago, on my computer? 25 years ago my parents were the ones who kept the pictures. Would a person really contact their parents to ask them to dig up a picture of our 25-years-ago dog so I could scan it and keep it somewhere in my computer just to have? Tell you what, even though I haven't had a dog in 25 years, I'll entertain the notion that I might be the kind of guy to do something like that. Tell you what else though - my parents would never get around to digging up the photo for me.

My goodness, that print has held up exceptionally well over the past 25 years.

The keen family observer would recognize the brick street as a giveaway which precludes the possibility of this picture having been taking within our 25 years ago dog's life. Other family members had no difficulty passing this test.

But other family members aren't stuck in the past.

Man, that dog's a dead ringer, though.

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