Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It rained like Hell today. Sucks, but it at least presents an opportunity to take some photos of the backyard in all its sexy, mid-May lushness, as is the wont of chlorophyl at this time of year. Come on. Seriously - May is the best month, no? Yes.

So I'm shooting away, pretending that things are interesting (as is my wont)...

and pretending there might be some kind of point to shooting all these things

Look closer; there isn't. But the tone is kind of nice I guess.

And along comes an all-too-familiar thud.

Say, what's the splotch on the window there?

Oh, right. More wildlife mistaking my home for theirs. That's a window there, birdie. Sorry about that. And sorry about your concussion, too. Good luck finding which way is south in a few months.

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