Friday, May 25, 2007


I don't know anything about horses. I know they measure them in hands, they usually get a phrase, not a name, and that you can bet on them and lose your money faster than the time it takes to understand what the hell a trifecta even is (it basically means you lose three times the money. It would help if they'd've spelled it with a "u" {need a minute for that one?}.) Anyway, that's about it for me and the horsies.

And maybe it's all copacetic in horse world, but a horse walking down my street is news to me.

There goes horsie. Looks like Ed Flanagan from this view.

Then he stops here.

This reeks of a used car sale. The buyers are striking an evaluative stance for sure. Hands on the hips, hands on the mid-to-lower back. Looks like some speculating. What the hell - are gas prices that bad?

Don't know what this conversation was all about, or what these people are thinking, but back up about 15 years or so and I could definitely tell you what they were thinking. It went like this:

"Okay, so that's about $20k in labor and about $60k in materials to build your home, plus trim of course."
"No - no trim."
"Well, I just mean simple shutters and things like a street number, etc."
"No - no trim. See honey, that's how they get you. You get the thing all priced out how you want it and wham! - out come all the extras. Well we're not falling for it. No trim!"
"Okay sir, but stairs or some way to get i..."
"Hey, you wanna build my house or not? Because I've had it with the upsell."

Not so sure how that place ever even got sided. Had to be one smooth talking salesman.

Anyway, they took a pass on horsie once they found out he needed a saddle.

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