Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Year In Review

I know this blournal has really played out.

like one big cliffhanger, so here are the answers to some of the open-ended issues I've left hanging this past year. Your patience is so rewarded.

Motorcycle man did not get his face melted after all, but a new deadline approaches.

The mouse did not return and bring any of his friends/cousins.

Rachael Ray is still on the air.

Most all of my neighbors have shifted their priorities, but a few have shifted the other way.

It costs about $25/month to run, saving me about $40/month.

The scars remain, maybe because people still ask to go to that restaurant every time they come up.

That dumb little picture took so much longer to get than I'll ever admit.

My house still has not exploded the kind of explosion you would undoubtedly read about for years to come.

That dude will always be annoying. Count on it.

The cheap version is totally better, and it saves you almost $2000.00

I'm going to need that info within the next year, and - ha ha, this is all fun, but you just watch; I'm gonna end up being the one who saves up to four lives, including my own, and I'm not even the guy in charge. You just watch.

Of course I'm the problem. Called bullshit on that a long time ago.

Summer is a great time to forget what a computer is.

Even though much, if not all, of this blournal has been pure gold, leaving a paper trail is a stupid, stupid thing to do. Expect this all to disappear before too long.

Seen here for the very first time, allow me to be direct and straight to the point;
A great many people don't like me. When that day comes that I (of course, completely innocently) piss someone off so bad that they finally decide to do something about it, say, in a court of law, I'm going to feel much better off knowing that this thing is not available for misinterpretation and subsequent incrimination.

But I hope it's been fun for you.

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