Thursday, November 08, 2007

Take a Number

Recently, I opined that I encounter a lot of people who don't like me. I later decided that is a rather foolish thing to just say without any proof. Although it's pretty difficult to ask the average guy on the street to take the time to write down the reasons why he hates you, the Internet does excel in this regard. (I use "he" in this context, but many women are quite annoyed by me as well, though that usually turns out to be a sexual thing masked by hostility*.)

In light of all this, transcripts from some of my Internet friends.

"Wow. Hostile. Nope, I don't share your priorities."

"To my ears, that just reeks of entitlement. And yup, hostility."

"I say we stop giving this guy the time of day. Not very nice manners for a newbie. First post right outta the box was mean and downhill from there."

"Geez, buddy. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? This is a pretty friendly community, for the most part. It'd be nice if you'd learn to grant folks the benefit of the doubt and assume they're not trying to ruffle your feathers. [Edit: Oh wait. You're the guy who called me a "fascist" in a thread not that long ago, after I disagreed with you on a flat-earth scientific revisionism argument *you* started. I think from here on out it'd be best for us all if I just pretended we had twit filters on this board. And it's probably best for you if you consider some kind of professional help. Take out rage on strangers much?]"

Flat-earth scientific revisionism argument? What? That's not Internet porn. How did I even get in here?

That one was pretty choice. I actually took the time to reply:
"Cool! Except that totally wasn't me. Must have been a different argument you got into here in this pretty friendly community. I enjoyed the use of the word "rage" in your last post. I'm reviewing now and trying to pinpoint the exact moment I flew into "rage". For the record, I think the Earth is an oblate spheroid. That's just how I roll."

"Instead of knocking others why don't you show us how it's done and post some of yours. And no I'm not going to go to your site, post them for C&C."

I don't have a "site".

"You mention the mere word "18-200 VR" and this guy comes out of the woodwork. He seems to systematically search for the above lens to trash it. Manual Garcia, if you don't like the subject or the thread.......move on. I haven't read a positive or constructive response from any of your recent posts. You don't bring much to table here."

Manual Garcia?

"My guess is you are perhaps unfamiliar with how reggae music is. The down beat is on the third beat of the bar, where rock it is on the 2 and 4. Most people think all reggae sounds the same because of Bob Marley. All white people who claim to be reggae fans, when asked about their CD collection, always say they own the Marley Legend CD. That is the caucasian reggae CD to own. No disrespect to Bob Marley, but people's ignorance can be a little trying when a new type of reggae sound is heard. And I do not consider Sean Paul to be anything at all like reggae."

This one's tough. Technically, he's arguing with himself here, but I was the impetus for the bat-shit-crazy rant, so I guess we'll count it.

Just a snippet is all that's needed of this next one to know probably isn't headed in the most friendly of directions

"Let's get one thing clear, right off the bat..."

...and so on, but if there's a lesson in all of this (aside from "The Internet is a colossal waste of time") it's... wait, "Sean Paul"? What the fuck is going on?

*remember I said you should expect this whole blournal thing to go away sometime fairly soon? Statements such as this help draw the time nearer.

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Nato said...

"...many women are quite annoyed by me as well, though that usually turns out to be a sexual thing masked by hostility..."

No, that applies to all the annoyed dudes, too. [;-)]

Anyway(s), I'd say just to steer clear of all them messageboards, and keep on bloggin'. You've found your medium.