Friday, November 23, 2007

So Normal It Was Odd

Ever have one of those years where you just let it go? After you've gone through several hundred Thanksgivings, you get pretty familiar with some of its pitfalls. Overeating is what I'm talking about here. It happens. It usually doesn't feel good, but did you ever have one of those years where you just let it go? Just eat it all. If it's afront-a-ya, eat it.

I volunteered to carve the bird this year. Someone handed me an electric knife and I completely went off on it. Thankfully, the jackass from last year never showed. That's good news. A couple people bothered to compliment me on the awesome carvage. Thanks. Electric knife makes for thin slices with a rim of sensibly-portioned crispy and delicious skin, which makes for happy Thanksgivingers.

Cups and cakes. Oh what good things mother makes. Just eat it all. Let it go.

...and digest for a while.

And that was it. All in all, strangely normal. Kind of leaves you feeling uneasy, doesn't it?

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