Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Night

"Hey! The shower isn't draining! I'm standing in a puddle here!"
"Must be clogged."
"I thought you said you fixed it!"

Well, in fairness to me, I did clean some hair out of the drain not long ago. That made a difference. All the easy fixes weren't going to work this time though, and out came the plumbing snake, hacksaw, tees, wyes, and priming and cement compounds - all of which I just happened to have handy. Can you even believe that?

Pretty far down the line, we find ourselves this little gem...

Oh yeah - the squeamish should look away. Sorry. Although it did succeed in taking away 90 minutes of a weekend evening, this snotty mass of hair will plague my home no more.

And to save future hacking, an awesome new cleanout is added...

Awwwww yeah.... Next time this sumbitch gets plugged, I'm be all up in its face like a balloon animal. We'll be back up and running in under five minutes.

It will take me slightly longer to figure out why I'm losing hair in massive, gooey clumps.

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Nato said...

"Ah, I love catching up with my favorite blogs during breakfast. Now I'll just browse over to This is NOT a blog to see what's--URP!" [Massive vomiting]