Tuesday, December 12, 2006


While many readers seem to enjoy the posts about Sparkle Moose and whatnot, a lot of you have written in asking for more entries where I criticize people I may or may not know. Thank you, but you should all know that this blournal was not strictly designed as a channel for my rage, even if someone does borrow someone else's table saw, and then fucking buries it deep within a pile of the utterly useless shit in his garage when you need to use it.

Even though this could, in one sense, be the most organized and meticulous guy you've ever met - right down to the storage bins inside the house that are all label-makered so you know just where to find the nylon tie-wraps and AAA batteries, when it comes to the garage, the philosophy boggles the motherfucking mind.

And just because I needed the saw to do a project that I volunteered to do as a family favor, it's probably selfish of me to have expected him to offer to load it up and return it himself. So when you get there and you see something like this...

it probably isn't ok to just goddamn lose it, shoot lightning from your mouth, and stomp all over the shit like it's fucking Tokyo. That is wrong.

That is not what this blournal is all about.

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