Sunday, December 03, 2006


I didn't realize until after I had done it again, that I did in fact do this last year, so now I'm going to consider it a holiday tradition.

When grocery shopping this time of year, the Hostess Holiday Fruitcake always catches my eye, what with its colorful mosaic of unidentifiable ingredients. I just have to pick it up. When I do, I'm apparently surprised by it's considerable heft because it makes me go find my wife who long since moved on while I was standing there marveling at this ostensibly consumable food product that both looks and feels like a brick. So I say, "Lift this" and she very kindly acts interested.

Ok, so she doesn't act interested, but that's a tradition, too.

Look, just go pick one up sometime. I don't mean "buy it" pick one up, I mean literally pick it up and tell me it doesn't, you know, maybe command more attention than you really would've guessed. And then you, too, might just add "The Lifting of the Hostess Fruitcake" to your list of holiday traditions.

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