Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Opting Out

In a couple weeks, Christmas will arrive and I will have a house full of relatives. At that point, this blournal will reach its zenith and my head will explode. I hope it happens in that order anyway.

And not a minute too soon, I say. I'm in another one of those phases where I'm completely sick of computers and all the clicking and the mousing and the staring at the screen, booting, crashing, bugs, the Internet, the blogs, the e-mail, the time-wasting... I'd like to cash-out, please.

I get these little spells more and more. Like lately, I've been seriously thinking about at least ditching e-mail. Face it; e-mail sucks ass. Getting a little sick of deleting the same ads every day, written using characters from four different languages, trying to sell me pills that don't do anything. Didn't I say "no" to you like 5,000 times already? - because I think that's my limit.

Ok. Let's reel 'er in right there. This ain't an all-day gripefest.

A lot of you have mentioned that you prefer it when entries have photos. Here...

Shampoo your carpets sometime.

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