Monday, December 18, 2006

See Alice

You wouldn't think by looking at my past 70+ contributions to it that I'm doing anything to make the Internet a better place, but today I believe I helped for at least a second.

I got a call from a friend who has the means and ambition, and he laid out his big idea to market "supplements" online. Now, if you're picturing a guy with his hair slicked back who lives in Miami, wears the same $425 suit everyday, and drives a Sebring convertible, you're way off, but that's what I'm picturing, too.

Bottom line is, he wanted to advertise these "supplements" in some very specific places online. Now, if you're thinking herbal Vįåĝŗá or Čĩǻŀĩš, you're wrong, but that's what I'm picturing, too. And no matter how he explained to me that, while he was most definitely peddling snake oil, it was not for purpose of providing men with a more functional crank, and it wasn't going to be advertised via e-mail. He had a fairly slick effort in mind, and cited a nationally televised example.

Still, I took a pass on the whole thing. I like to think it's possible that I helped make the Internet a more livable place today.

...for like two seconds until the dude moved on to someone else.

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