Sunday, November 12, 2006


I can too be positive. This blournal isn't all about how everyone I meet is a douche. Don't read this if you're looking for Mr. Cranky Pants to rant about what an asshat someone was today. Maybe tune in tomorrow for that. Today is all about the goodness.

We order a pizza to go, walk over to grab a seat at the bar, daughter hops up on barstool and says (with some prompting) "I'll have a highball." The barkeep laughs and I say, "Wow. You just got laughed at. Not even a "can I see some I.D. or nothin'." Barkeep walks off. Comes back a few minutes later and says, "Do you really want a highball?" Awesome.

Some days, I think she could almost pull it off.

In a local store looking for a small appliance and ask the clerk for help. Clerk is a total scatterbrain and says four or five disjointed things, ending with, "I have a knife in my hand" which she sure as Hades does, and it's a doozy. The right thing to do here is become completely freaked out, but instead I just say, "Then I won't upset you." Not a word from scatterbrain woman (and she also didn't stab me at all) but it seems that was the funniest thing the other clerk had heard all day.

I do crap like this pretty much all day, every day, but mostly it falls on deaf ears.

But the weekend just gets better and better.

About a month late in buying the brother-in-law something for his birthday. Sat down and thought on it for a sec and came up with the perfect gift. Well, "perfect" by his definition would probably involve a busty ornamental - sorry, "Asian" chick, but those are pretty hard to come by. Sizeable girth in the chest area isn't usually accompanied by an epicanthus. What do you want - egg in your beer?

Anyway, I found him some much appreciated, ultra time-killing software that I was able to buy via debit card online, and he was able to immediately download. Cool experience to think of a good gift idea and have the actual product "in the hands" of the recipient within minutes. Let's just say he's very much into WWII, and this piece of software made his whole damned day, as I'm sure it will continue to make his middle-of-the-nights when he can't sleep. Honestly, next to the busty Asian girl (which would be almost impossible to clear with his wife) this gift is the next best thing for him. Felt good.

On rare occasion, I get paid. It usually takes forever. Literally, months. I received a check for something last Monday, which was pretty prompt by my standards, but of course, the check came with a warning from the payor; "Don't cash this until you hear back from me." I was just happy to have a check, and not have to wait for that once I do get the green light. Well, SCORE! I got a message on Saturday night, giving me the go-ahead. This is especially awesome since the quarterly property tax payment is due tomorrow, and these funds will cover that expense nicely.

Ok. So that last item makes for a pretty retarded form of good news, but I'm sorry - you just can't ruin this weekend (especially since it's already past 8PM.)

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