Friday, November 03, 2006

Educating America's Youth

I can't deal. The band teacher at school really likes the whole idea of e-mail, but she really sucks at it. You can count on hearing from her at least once a day with some sort of announcement regarding a schedule change (which rarely applies to you) and then she'll send another message later with a revision to that change. This in iteslf might not be so bad if anything she wrote actually made any sense. But none of it does, and I can't deal. I have to read everything four or five times to try and decode it, only to find out that it doesn't even apply to me anyway. Look at a few of these, and it seems pretty clear even she isn't interested in reading any of what she has to say.

This one is just a typo, but it's the kind of typo that looks like it might actually be a real word. Just slows you down, that's all.
"P.S. please make sure your children are informed of this through you, sometimes I don't get a chance to tell them, or they missit from the announcements."

In this one, she rethinks the concept in mid-sentence, essentially missing the point of typing electronically.
"I would like for no one to be playing the drum pad maching, or my guitar during this time, ACTUALLY NO ONE TOUCH MY GUITAR, anymore thanks."

It seriously took me a couple days before I realized that she wasn't talking about barretts. I figured the girls needed them or something. No. She is talking about little hats.
"I ordered and paid for the barets for drumline."

Well, this one is just funny. Nice that Hugh has a part. Oh yeah, the school is actually abbreviated "MCS".
"You can join MSC DRUMLINE as a cymbal player immediately with no experience at all. Cymbals are flashy and loud and a hugh part of the drumline."

See if you can rearrange this one into the order that actually conveys the thought.
"There may be occasions when we meet as a whoile group before an event more than just the first of the month, like before a concert..."

I don't know. Maybe it's not so bad. The children willearn from, when she teaches lessons after school, the notes that she plays are not with tpyos, so they don't need to write... only learn.

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